Thursday, 8 March 2012


Well it will soon be upon us. The spring budget, will as usual be another hammer blow for the hard working brewing industry and the responsible drinking public.
The beer duty escalator is what really infuriates me. A 2% above inflation annual levy, which just heaps more pressure on the British pub.
Removing the duty would help keep beer more affordable and help support our British pub institution.
Unfortunately, the people who make these decisions are out of touch with the normal man/woman in the street. They do not appreciate how many of us enjoy a pint in our local boozer.And how many of us who drink responsibly.
In my opinion it makes no economic sense to apply this unjust levy.It will just lead to more pub closures and more job losses in our local communities.
Thankfully,there are some MP's that share my views.Greg Mulholland(Leeds North) and Andrew Stephenson(Pendle) are two that spring to mind. Both are passionate about standing up for our local pubs. Hopefully, their influence can put pressure on the decision makers! And prevent another 10p a pint, or more being added.