Sunday, 11 March 2012


It pains me to say this.However, I am going to say it. There has been a couple of instances recently where I have witnessed rude, disrespectful behaviour by a small minority of CAMRA members.
Why do a small band of members think they have a licence to stroll into a pub and be down right rude to the bar staff.One such example was when a couple of 'jumped up' members came into a Wetherspoons pub and said, as their pints were being pulled.'We are CAMRA members and have a 50p discount voucher' said in this patronising manner.Big deal! Why cant you be polite and just say , like 95% of members.'I have a 50p voucher'. 
What a couple of little tossers.It is this attitude that tarnishes the good name of the wonderful organisation,that is CAMRA. Why do they think being in CAMRA entitles you to look down on hard working,polite and patient bar staff.
The second example was a group who walked into a pub and just looked at the selection on offer.There was FIVE quality cask ales on the bar. One or two just said'We have tried all them'.And promptly walked out! I would have been saying.'Well 'do one' and do not darken my door again'.What a set of ignorant sods! They could have had the decency to buy a half.
Why does this happen? Perhaps you have a similar tale to tell. Perhaps you know the reason!
Thankfully,the vast majority of CAMRA members are nice,polite,easy going people.Who are passionate and eager to promote everything good and positive on the real ale scene.   


  1. Luckily they are a small minority but embarrassing nonetheless

  2. "'We are CAMRA members and have a 50p discount voucher'" You think that's rude? You've led a sheltered life. While the CAMRA members bit may be unnecessary, it seems to me they were just offering information. As for walking out of a pub, I suppose you've never walked out of a shop without buying something? A pub is just a shop that sells beer and if you don't fancy what's on offer in either, you are under no obligation to buy.

    Tyson is being uncharacteristically kind to you.

    1. Cheers for your feedback.Agreed,saying you have a 50p voucher is fine.However,it was the way it was said.I am sure you have witnessed the type.Being said in a disrespectful tone.Just thought it was rude to someone who was being polite.
      Good to debate the point though....thanks for your input