Tuesday, 17 April 2012


The price of beer will always be a popular topic of conversation. It was raised in a pub that I visited a few days ago.
The pub in question had reopened recently and had three cask ales on. Thankfully, it was now a free house. However, what really brassed me off was the price fluctuations.
I had decided to plump for a local microbrewery ale, and was pleasantly surprised when charged £2.30. Good value, in a rural pub.
The second pint was from a large brewer, but not a pubco. I was a little surprised when I was charged £2.70. Ok microbreweries have some tax incentives. However, a 40p mark up! It was even worse on the third cask on offer. That was 50p dearer. Surprise, surprise, that was a pubco! 
That is why I love this surge in microbreweries. At least it gives us more choice and an opportunity to get a better value pint. You always get the impression that there is some sort of price fixing going on with the large brewers.
I know a couple of pub owners who simply do not have certain beers on. The reason being they would have to charge their customers another 40-50p a pint! One put it quite simply, by saying, 'Their bloody beers are too expensive'. Well, I suppose they should know.
Look, I know there will be some explanation from the large brewers in defence of their pricing policy. However, I just think when there is an approximate 20% mark up, its grossly unfair. 
The creation of microbreweries continues a pace thankfully, producing a superb range of real ales, and giving us choice and value for money. Long live the micro's!