Sunday, 8 April 2012


There are times when you have to explain something and get one or two things off your chest.
Such a situation cropped up recently, and was in relation to the popular brewer, Daniel Thwaites, the Blackburn based brewery.
Now I have to admit I am not their greatest fan. However, this is in no way a criticism of their beers. It is that I am not a fan of a bitter aftertaste, and many of their brews have that. Mind you, I am fully aware that many do like such an aftertaste. And it is down to a person's individual palate. 
That said, I feel I must redress the balance somewhat and highlight an experience that I had recently.
The glorious weather of late, had subsided and been replaced by more seasonal conditions. It had been 'a little parky' out there, watching the local footy and a pint in the clubhouse was required.
I have to say a porter always goes down well in cooler weather and spotted one such bottle behind the bar. It was a Thwaites Tavern Porter. It was quite exceptional. Full bodied at 4.7%, it was smooth, a little smokey, with a superb licorice aftertaste. Have to describe it as a classic tipple. Right up there with one of my favourites, Acorn Breweries, Old Moor Porter.
So there you have it. Although never eager to hunt down a Thwaites beer, I am happy to report they have served up quite an exceptional porter.