Friday, 4 May 2012


OK, the local elections are over, and as expected the coalition parties have taken a sound beating. Some might say, a right 'kick in the bollocks'! The usual excuses will be rolled out....mid term blues, low turn out,economic downturn blah,blah,blah.
In all fairness, it's easy to have 'a pop' at the current government,whatever your political persuasion, and I do have sympathy for all the hard working local councillor's, across all parties, who have been dumped. 
That said, one message that was rammed home to the present government, was that they have to start listening to the working classes.The ordinary man/woman in the street.
Of course, this is a beer blog, so the points I am going to make, are beer related.
Firstly, to George Osborne. You might now want to scrap the ridiculous beer escalator, that is crippling our boozers and the working classes.
Secondly,you might want to listen now to all the cross party MP's who are striving to get more freedom and choice for licensees under the present tied system, thus giving them the opportunity to shop around for better value beers, for their customers. And hopefully, preventing more pub closures.
Finally, to the PM. Let's face it Dave, even the majority of your own constituents, in leafy Witney,Oxfordshire, in a recent survey, believed you were out of touch! I think that was proved recently when he said 'That pubs and clubs must take some of the blame for our binge drinking culture'.What utter garbage. A small percentage, yes.However, it should have been the late drinking clubs and the 'shots  bars', that he should have been highlighting, in relation to binge drinking. Like I said Dave, out of touch. May be the local election results have convinced you and your Eton chums, that you have to start listening to us ordinary folk.