Monday, 21 May 2012


We have all seen them on the bar, haven't we. The beer clips that raise a smile. Some rude, others very funny. Perhaps some that may offend one or two.
However, I reckon a clever named beer will always promote the product. Although one or two would disagree. And ok, that could be summat to debate in the boozer. What I want to highlight is one or two that I have seen and have certainly made me laugh.
I suppose the most famous was Slaters 'Top Totty'. This name was deemed offensive and demeaning to women by Labour MP and equality spokesperson, Kate Green. She demanded that it be withdrawn from the House of Commons 'Strangers Bar'! It caused a national outrage when it was removed, and only lead to the national sales of 'Top Totty' doubling. What annoyed me, was that the honourable member had never even set foot in the bar. Knee jerk puritanism I called it, and suggested a beer that she might like to try was Moorhouse's 'Blond Witch'!
Fortunately, most of us have a good sense of humour. A favourite of mine has to be 'Vicar of Dribbley'. A clever and funny name. One that would catch your eye on the bar and perhaps make you try one.
Another one of my favourites was 'Old Slapper' from Bolton brewer, Bank Top. It was a name suggested by famous steeplejack, Fred Dibner. However, rumour had it, it did not go down to well with his wife!    
I am sure some can be a little offensive. 'Dogs Bollocks' from Wychwood Brewery did raise a few eyebrows, a few years ago. One couple complained to the bar staff at one pub where I was supping it! Pathetic, in the extreme, in my opinion.Where's your sense of humour.
One that was deemed rude, was an imported beer called 'Vergina'. However, I reckon the people who said it was rude or offensive, obviously could not spell!
Others that spring to mind, are Village Idiot, One thousand red baboons, and finally 'Ginger Tosser', from Cornish brewer, Skinners. A very funny beer clip, thought to be aimed at TV presenter, Chris Evans!
I reckon we all love them beer clips. Aye, some are a little rude, or a little offensive. But, so what if they are.They will always play a part in promoting real ale. Long may it continue!
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