Monday, 14 May 2012


The other day I had a most enjoyable afternoon with a good friend, sampling a few beers in the village(small town) of Whalley in Lancashire.
It has four pubs in the centre of town, two of which have good reputations for selling fine cask ales.
The Dog Inn was the first call. It is a fine, attractive old building and has a wide choice of cask beers.
There were six on when we called. To be honest, we were spoilt for choice.Rat Brewery, Cross Bay and Ossett Breweries, to mention just three.
However, the point I want to make is in relation to pricing. The beers were all reasonably priced at £2.50. In fact that represented good value, as the Cross Bay Eclipse and Ossett Citra,  went down a treat.
OK, nice, friendly pub with polite,helpful bar staff. We will be back soon.
So, it was directly across the road and in to the Swan Inn. Two cracking beers on the bar. Local brew, Bowland Hen Harrier and the ever popular Timmy Taylor's Landlord.
Firstly, the Hen Harrier set us back £2.95. Bloody hell, a 45p increase and we had only walked ten yards! Shock,horror the Taylor's Landlord was £3.15!
Now I fully appreciate microbreweries get financial incentives such as tax breaks and other discounts.However, a 65p mark up on the Landlord, was a shock.
This is no rant , act of despair, or direct criticism. But I just feel some brewer's beers are overpriced. Timothy Taylor's is a prime example, as I have experienced this situation before.
They brew fantastic beers and have a great reputation and hopefully someone can explain why they appear pricey. I have been in boozers and asked the landlord/landlady if they ever have Timmy Taylor's on, as Golden Best and Ram Tam are among my favourite beers. Unfortunately, it is always the same answer. 'I am sorry, their beers are too expensive'.
Hopefully, there is a answer, for what appears inflated beer prices. I am sure you will agree, a more than a 25% mark up, will raise eyebrows.
These are observations and situations I have experienced, and I feel that the points I have raised are fair, constructive and well founded. I would never be critical for the sake of it.