Tuesday, 1 May 2012


OK, I think most of us will agree, the French make superb wine. However, I am pleased to report that they brew some damn fine beers!
I have just returned from a week in Brittany, and I am happy to say I have had some superb French beers. The choice of real beers in the local supermarkets gets wider and wider, on each trip, and I would like to recommend three of my favourites to you.
First on the block was a superb, strong beer. Pelforth 3 Malts had a long malty taste, with hints of caramel. A full bodied beer at 6.9%. A beer to be sipped, not supped!
Another quality beer was the Dremmwel Blonde. The Breton brewery have certainly brewed a delicious tipple. A medium bodied beer at 5%. It is malty, slightly sweet and fruity, with hints of spice. It had to be my favourite on this latest trip to Brittany. I could not fault it. The beer ferments naturally in the bottle, giving it a golden, hazy appearance. A classic Breton beer.
Last but not least is another beer from the Dremmwel stable. And it is one that will delight stout fans. The Dremmwel Stout at 4% is an easy drinking tipple. Roasted, slightly sweet tasting, with a hint of malt. This was a lovely creamy stout. A stout far superior to one or two of the much over hyped stouts, we are more familiar with!
So there you have it, three superb beers to watch out for, on your next visit to France. It was so pleasing that the choice of quality beers continues a pace, particularly in Northern France.   .