Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I have wanted to raise this issue for some time. Strong beers are fine, there are some quality strong ales available. However, why are some folk obsessed with 'em.
You have probably witnessed the situation. A geezer coming up to the bar and he says to his mate, 'What's the strongest ale on'.There may be seven or eight beers available, but some totally ignore a quality range and plump for a 'six percent brew'.
I had a mate who typified this. He would say 'now what's strongest pal'. I could never convince him to try a beer, at say, four percent.
I have to say I have witnessed this situation, on many occasions in Wetherspoons. You walk up to the bar and you hear 'hey, Wobbly Bob's on, 6%, get it supped!'.OK, it is a fine ale. But why not say,'hey, there's two superb beers on at 4%!
In fact, I did highlight in a blog that Wetherspoons did not have enough ales in the 4% range.  
I do have to say, lots of people are of the opinion that it's 'the pissheads' that want a quick fix! Fair comment, only to a degree, and a sweeping statement in my opinion. Just think a lot of people are not prepared to try summat less than 4%. 
There seems to be some kind of mental barrier with beers, under 4%. Why? Perhaps you can give me your opinion.
There are some great tasting beers under 4%. Timmy Taylor's Golden Best. At 3.5%, it's a classic light mild and full of flavour. Castle Rock Harvest Pale at 3.8% is a national award winning beer. Hawkshead Windermere Pale at 3.5% is just simply bursting with lots of fruity hop flavours. Moorhouse's Black Cat at 3.4%, another national award winner, chocolate and roast coffee flavours. It's superb, but I know some who will not even try it, because they bleat, 'Its only three and half percent pal!'  
Naylor's Pinnacle Pale Ale 3.6%, Cross Bay Nightfall, a hoppy session ale at 3.8%, are two more that spring to mind. And the Cross Bay Winter Moon Porter at 3.6% is a smooth chocolate delight. And finally, I have to include Young's Bitter, a hoppy favourite at 3.7%.
So there you have it, a few opinions, a rant or two may be. Some  pointers to why I think some of you should perhaps try less stonger ales.
Still scratching my head though, why some seem to be obsessed with the 'big on strength' beers, especially when there's a fine range of alcoholic volume available, in good real ale boozers.