Saturday, 30 June 2012


Is it me, or are there a lot of CAMRA members not moving ahead with the times?
CAMRA is a great organisation. However, certain things have made me wonder, is CAMRA  stuck in a bit of a time warp!
The recent campaign against the beer escalator is a point in question.We basically need 100,000 people to sign the e-petition, in order to force a debate in parliament.However, we seem to be struggling somewhat, as we still require 40,000 signatures.
What miffs me is that CAMRA alone has 140,000 members, and it should be a breeze to reach 100,000.So I can only assume there are lots who are loathe to move into the world of the internet, email, facebook etc.
Is this fair comment? Are there still lots who prefer the old fashioned, outdated method of communication.
I have just read a very interesting piece in this months publication of 'Whats Brewing', where Neil Harvey suggests CAMRA meetings should be scrapped and done online!
I know where he is coming from.Lots of issues can simply be discussed online.Facebook and twitter for example.
There are lots of younger members now who conduct all their communications electronically and perhaps CAMRA should be moving more in this direction. If not, they may eventually die out. Like this friendly fella did, many years ago!