Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I am sure it has not escaped your notice, that over the last year or two, stouts and porters have become more available down the boozer and in the local supermarkets.
There was a time when they were becoming an endangered species. However, times have changed and it is a regular event walking into a pub and finding a porter or a stout, or indeed both, available on the bar.
There are some excellent brews available. I am sure you all have your favourites. There is one hell of a choice nowadays, with the quality on most occasions, being top notch.
One porter that always springs to mind is Old Moor Porter, brewed by Barnsley brewer, Acorn. A rich, roasty, full bodied ale, with a nice liquorice aftertaste. It was a perfect marriage with pork sausage, mash and gravy, on a recent visit to Bar Tat in Ilkley.
Another classy porter is brewed in Bolton. The Port O' Call from Bank Top is delightful. It has a wow factor, when you first taste it. A delicious, roasted barley flavour hits you, big time! Another full bodied tipple at 5%.
I suppose I could bang on about classy stouts and porters all day long, there is that many of 'em! However, I will just highlight two of my favourite stouts. Firstly, the Jubilee Stout brewed by Kirkby Lonsdale is probably one of the reasons why stouts have had a surge in popularity in some parts. A powerful stout at 5.5%. What can I say about this brew! Its smooth, a little roasty, hints of malt and chocolate, with a liquorice aftertaste. Bloody hell, its superb and why it is one of my favourites! It got a thumbs up from Simon, landlord at the Bridge Bier Huis in Burnley! 
My second stout selection comes from Suffolk. The St.Peter's Cream Stout is one drink that is certainly one to be savoured, sipped, and most certainly not supped. Ok it is big on strength at 6.5%, but it creates a malty, chocolate, aromatic taste and leaves a sweet, slightly bitter aftertaste. Quality in the extreme!

In conclusion, having these types of brews on the bar, adds to the wonderful selection we are now witnessing in our local pubs. Well, I just hope you all agree.....  


  1. I couldn't agree more! Stout and porters, together with other once popular and typically darker styles such as milds, old and brown ales, offer a completely different taste experience. They're a great contrast to the ubiquitous bitters and golden ales that most shops and real ale establishments serve. Everyone should turn to the dark side now and again!

  2. Cheers for the excellent comment.There were TWO milds on at my local last week. That would never have been the case a short while ago.I reckon mild month and mild trails at beer festivals have been a great idea and proved very successful.Well,like I said at the outset, TWO milds on the bar is the proof!

  3. I'm also with you on this one. Had a pint of Port O' Call recently and it was grand. It really is great to have choice.

  4. I would personaly reccomend the 6.5% 1872 Porter from Elland Brewery - but I am slightly partial to it as I run the brewery that makes it

  5. Cheers for the feedback Martin.I love the stouts and porters and the 1872 Porter is one I will look out for, as it has been recommended by the source! The Yorkshire Lager I had yesterday was a nice,crisp,refreshing drink with a subtle taste of elder flower in my opinion.Ideal summer tipple.