Thursday, 14 June 2012


I reckon you have seen it many times down the boozer, customers enjoying a pie with their pint. I have always thought it the perfect marriage!
We are very fortunate here up north, as we are blessed with many,many, quality pie makers and I regularly have a pie, before a pint, or indeed, when I am enjoying one!  
One of my favourite pies are from Drake and Macefield, a family butchers, who have shops in Skipton and Settle in North Yorkshire. I always take half a dozen home with me, when I visit their Skipton shop, and always have one before a visit to one of the towns many fine real ale pubs. The black pudding and pork I sampled before the recent beer festival, was top notch.Their range are all superb.
Another northern tradition is a pie and a pint at the football. You know the score, always a queue at the pie hut at half time! I had one of the best pies ever,(and I have sampled a few) not too long ago in Glossop, North Derbyshire. I was at the town's local football ground(Glossop North End supporter Wendy Rimmer is pictured with butcher John Mettrick) and had to have one of their famous Mettrick's pies, as they had won a national 'best pie at a football ground' award! A pint and a Mettrick's pie was just the job. The buttery  pastry did it for me. It must be the only ground where pies can sell out BEFORE the game starts! There was a long queue half an hour before the game started, when I was there. The good people of Glossop are very fortunate, believe me. Bloody hell, I am salivating at the thought of 'em!
Finally, I have to say many of us enjoy a pie in the pub. On its own, may be with mushy peas and gravy, or with a few chips.  
A well known pie maker in my area are Haffner's. A long, established, local family butchers in East Lancashire. Fortunately for me they are available at my local cricket club and at my local boozer! Their steak pies are perfect with a pint. In my opinion steak pies are the best suited to a pint of real ale. I am sure you have your favourite.
So, a pie before a pint, or indeed with one, are always going to be ever popular. And of course, its always good to support local produce and your local pub.