Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Let me say at the outset, I am of no political leaning or persuasion . However, what made me angry recently was the smug looking chancellor, George Osborne thinking he was some sort of 'deliverer of glad tidings!' There he was stating in the House of Commons, that the coalition government is to waive the proposed 3p on a litre of fuel in August(I prefer to say, almost 15p a gallon). Big deal George, we already pay a ridiculous chunk of duty ! You do not fool us, stood there thinking you were some sort of philanthropic statesman.  
But now to the main theme of this blog. And a message to the chancellor. What about looking at the 'cash cow' that is BEER DUTY. A third of our pint goes to HM Treasury! This unjust tax has increased by 42% since 2008 and we pay the second highest rate of beer tax in the European Union.
Of course, all this results in job losses and pub closures. Unbelievably, 4500 UK boozers have closed since 2008, along with the 42% hike in tax! The beer industry supports around ONE MILLION jobs in the UK and find it astounding and totally unjust that the government continues to batter brewers, publican's and customers alike. 
OK, this has been a bit of a rant and feel free to comment on my views. However, I feel that the comments made are totally justified, fair and well founded.
And finally a message to the chancellor. The fine, real ale drinking public of this nation are asking you and your fellow MP's, to propose a sizable    reduction in beer duty, thus protecting, and indeed saving our cherished pint and UK boozer....