Monday, 18 June 2012


I felt it most opportune to highlight three quite superb beers, brewed by the award winning brewer Moorhouse's.
Why? I hear you say. Well, this year marks the 400th anniversary of the unjust execution of the Lancashire witches, at Lancaster castle in 1612. Moorhouse's, to their credit, have always been sympathetic to the unjust executions. So much so, they name quite a few of their brews after Lancashire's Pendle Witches.
Moorhouse's without doubt are a great success story and recently moved to a new 4.2million pound brewing complex, in order to cope with demand. The Burnley brewer now rolls out 1000 barrels a week, which equates to fifteen million pints a year!
However, there are three classic beers in particular, that pay homage to the witches. 
Firstly, there is the long established 'Pendle Witches Brew'.This beer has to be one of my favourites. A slighty sweet, fruity, malty, full bodied ale. At 5.1% its not one I would describe or recommend as a session ale. However, a beer of the highest quality.
Second off the reel is one from their 'core beers'. Their Blond Witch has proved a runaway success, and is a massive seller throughout a wide area. I am sure lots of you reading this blog has sampled this delightful tipple. Its a cracking beer, just so consistently good. A crisp, fruity flavoured ale, with a long, smooth, hop finish, in my opinion. Again, it is another robust, full bodied tipple at 4.5%.
To complete my hat trick of favourites, Moorhouse's have recently introduced 'White Witch'. The name pays respect to the witches who cast their spells for good, rather than evil. Hence, the name 'white' witch.
This beer is a delight. Smooth, refreshing and fruity, with a spicy aroma. It is such an easy drinking ale at 3.8%. It was rolled out as one of their seasonal range. However, demand has been so great, 'White Witch' is still going strong and hopefully,(for me) it will be added to their core beers!
Three beers of the highest quality from Moorhouse's. Their beers are so consistently good and it is nice they are doing their bit to retain the memory of the Lancashire(Pendle) Witches, so unjustly sent to the gallows at Lancaster castle in 1612.