Friday, 1 June 2012


As we have all witnessed recently, the Government have done a U turn on the proposed 'Pasty Tax'. We knew it was an ill conceived proposal at the outset, and thankfully they have now seen sense and cancelled it!
However, there is one tax increase that is arguably more unjust. It is of course the ridiculous 'beer duty escalator', where we have an increase on alcohol of 2% ABOVE inflation, each year!
This year for example has lead to a 10p increase in the price of your pint. Once again putting enormous pressure on the brewing industry and the general public's pocket.
Three hundred pubs closed in the last six months in the UK, many were vital community boozers, that may never reopen. Unfortunately, the people who ran them, tried to make their pubs more profitable, but they simply could not compete in a market where more than a £1 is paid in tax to Her Majesty's Treasury.
And this is why I am appealing to you to sign the e-petition, as the Government is intent on increasing the tax burden in the next THREE budgets.
The petition can be found at When the 100,000 is reached, we can then force a debate in parliament on beer duty rises, in time for it to hopefully effect the budget in 2013.  
We can all spread the word, I am sure of that and force the Government to abolish this unjust tax, that is closing our pubs and causing lots of heartache within the brewing industry.