Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I will say at the outset that I love visiting a beer festival. However, I have to say I was quite flabbergasted to hear that the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival has promised to be the first festival to have a THOUSAND beers on offer! Bloody hell, that is going to be a real 'head scratching job', strolling around the venue on the 10-13 October.
It raises the question, what is your ideal or favoured number to choose from?
I have to say around a hundred real ales is my type of ideal festival and more than enough to choose from. Although our jolly jaunt to the annual Winter Ales Festival in Manchester, was a delight, and had 200 beers available. (A date for the diary, 23-26 Jan., for 2013). 
Another favoured festival is in Colne, Lancashire. The Pendle Beer Festival boasts around 150. Just about a perfect number for many real ale fans.
Smaller festivals are also many people's choice. Perhaps in the 60-100 range. Skipton's annual event in North Yorkshire is superb, with a high percentage of local beers available. 
Which brings me back to the Robin Hood Festival. I really cant get my head round a choice of 1000 beers. I take my hat off to the organisers, and wish them every success. I am sure it will be a great festival, held in the grounds of Nottingham Castle. 
Phew...1000 beers! I just have the feeling that I will be frustrated by not being able to sample lots of my favoured beers, that will be on tap. I know that sounds a bit barmy, but I think you know where I am coming from. 
I was a little stuck for choice at the Winter Ales Festival, which had 200, although the range of quality ales was excellent. So a thousand beers at Nottingham! It's too many for me, it would be mental torture! However, would be interested on your views, in relation to the number of beers at this mega beer festival. :-)