Friday, 13 July 2012


I am sure you have all heard certain comments that do not seem to ring true.You say to yourself, that seems exaggerated, does not sound right. Basically, your big gut feeling is, there's an imbalance, some bias may be, and you just have to investigate and judge for yourself!
The story goes, I came across a lengthy rant on face book recently, being critical of a pub with an excellent reputation for quality beers, good service and friendly customers.
The rant was from this geezer who had visited the pub and had said he had experienced a 'clique' around the bar area, who were making critical  comments, regarding his presence at the bar. He went on to say that the bar staff were rude and that his pint had been slammed down on the bar! 
My initial reaction, was that this was not the New Inn I had visited over twelve months ago.So, had the boozer changed in the interim period? Comments had always been positive and favourable and summat did not ring true. I just had to go myself and review the situation!
So here is my review!!!
Sunny day beckoned, the bus journey over the rambling Ribble Valley hillside was sublime.Stunning views, as we made the trek to the  market town of Clitheroe.
It is only a short five minute walk from the bus/train station, to the New Inn. I approached the pretty boozer and three friendly cyclists having a pint outside, asked me to take a picture of them, if I would be so kind. 'No problem gents'. Initial signs were positive.
I was greeted by a group of elderly gents sat close to the bar. Obviously regulars and were eager to comment on my 'Burnley Beer Festival' t-shirt.We had some friendly banter, as I was drooling at the superb range of cask ales.Seven on offer, what you might call a magnificent seven!
I presume the friendly regulars were the so called 'clique' as described by the facebook geezer! Well, that was one comment totally disproved!
Next, I was served by Jen at the bar, a most friendly and helpful lady.She thought it quite amusing that I had previously supped all seven casks on offer and that I was quite bamboozled trying to choose what beer to have.
I went for the Coach House Blueberry Bitter.Perfect in the warm sunshine. Jen came out for a 'fag break' and we had a nice, friendly chat. She had worked on and off at the pub for 21 years! 
So where was this so called rude behaviour by the staff, that the facebook geezer had experienced!
The New Inn is a typical real ale pub.It offers a superb range of beers, at a reasonable price.There are cosy rooms to enjoy your beer and if the weather is favourable, there is a lovely area at the front of the pub, over looking the castle grounds.There is also a spacious beer garden to the rear.
So basically, I found what I expected at the New Inn. A nice, friendly, traditional pub, offering a great range of quality cask ales, in superb condition. I had four of the seven on my visit. All in superb nick.
And perhaps in conclusion, a final comment for the geezer with the rant on facebook. I reckon you may be a little deluded in my opinion, and can only conclude that it is you yourself that may have some attitude problem.
Nowt wrong with this boozer. It is a cracking pub. And the good folk who run it, are doing                      a great job in providing a superb service for everyone who crosses their threshold. 
Phew! Finally got that off my chest then........ :-)