Thursday, 19 July 2012


So, the Olympics are almost with us and the organisers say, it will be a celebration of all that is GREAT about BRITAIN.
Well, if you are thinking of enjoying and supporting one of the UK's finest historical industries, by drinking a fine traditional beer during the festivities, then forget it!
The London Organising Committee for the Olympics have decided you can only drink DUTCH lager at the games. This disgraceful, unpatriotic bunch have chosen Heineken as the only beer sponsor, so spectators will have no other choice than to drink this bland, basic, fizzy tipple.
You will also need plenty of gold,silver and bronze, as it will cost you £4.20 for a 330ml bottle.Or £7.20 a pint. An outrage and total rip off!
What really pisses me off is that it is the only beer available.No British real ale! This is one of our historic industries. Obviously, the ten million quid Heineken have shelled out for 'sole pouring rights', have well and truly placed the blinkers on this group of numpty heads.
Let me explain a few truths and facts you may not be aware of, at these Olympics, as a result of the Dutch brewer muscling in on the British games.
Lords, the home of English cricket, has been firmly put in its place by the organisers.Presently, Marstons has the beer concession and is the official sponsor of the England cricket team. However, they have been 'kicked in the bollocks' by the Olympic Committee and had it withdrawn during the games.The cheeky sods have ordered ALL the pumps to be removed, and they have even demanded that a picture of Ashes hero, Matthew Hoggard be covered up, as he is a Marstons beer ambassador (This is not a joke!). It is part of the deal with the Dutch company!
You can understand why I am so 'pissed off' with the whole deal. And to really compound matters, an arrogant spokesman for Heineken said 'Some venues are not suitable for cask beer, as they lack the necessary cellar facilities'. What a load of garbage. You are talking out of your rear end.Why? Well how do hundreds of beer festivals up and down the UK manage then! That geezer was clearly deluded, out of touch, and was being disrespectful to the real ale loving community.
So, in conclusion, you might say, Heineken refreshes the spectators, that the UK Brewers cannot reach! And I say to that, stuff your bland, fizzy tipple and long live the superior UK Brewing industry and their delicious real beers. :-)