Monday, 16 July 2012


I am sure you have heard it down the boozer a thousand times.The good, the bad and the indifferent comments about Wetherspoons. 
Some love the place and some do not. The place is fine on one visit and not so good on another. One day a superb range of ales and another day, a poor choice.
The service can be excellent at one 'Wethers' and then sub standard at another. I am certain you have  all experienced the ups and downs in 'Spoons'!
You could say it is a never ending roller coaster. You perhaps do not know what to fully expect on a visit. Will there be seven casks on? Or will three of the pumps say 'Coming Soon'! Will there be enough staff on? How long to get served? A minute or may be ten minutes. Length of time to get served in Wethers, is probably the most talked about gripe. Although, I have found few problems with the service. 
That said, I would say I am near the top of the roller coaster. OK, they are a little obsessed with the stronger beers. However, the range is nearly always pretty good, in my experience.
A recent visit to two Wetherspoons, was certainly a good experience. We have two in town and the Dent Brewery 'Aviator' was a glorious tipple in the first one. Refreshing and fruity. 
We then strolled down to the second boozer and we could not resist the classic beer, that is Ringwood's Old Thumper. It is sheer quality. Full bodied, with a nice bitter sweet, fruity taste. 
There was also the Summer Cider Festival in progress and will be returning soon, as there were SIX on offer!
Aye, Wetherspoon's certainly is more up than down for me.For others that I know, its more on the downward slope and you have to respect their views and opinions.
One thing is certain though on planet JD Wetherspoon, you will always have a varied choice and a differing experience, in my opinion. Of that, I am sure. Thankfully, for me they are usually very positive and satisfying ones. :-)