Monday, 23 July 2012


At last, the yellow spherical object was prominent in the sky, it was the weekend and there was only one thing to do. Get off to the cricket and give your local team some support.
Now I love the game, and it's great when the sun's out and to go and have a few beers and have some banter with a few mates.
To be honest I know lots of people who are not really cricket fans, but just love the friendly atmosphere, a beer in the sun. And of course, you rarely witness any piss heads!
I got to the ground tinged with a little sadness. Had walked past a pub, close to the ground, called the Hare and Hounds. A popular boozer for many a year in Padiham, Lancashire. Alas, the dreaded 'For Sale' sign was adorning the frontage, and thought, aye, another boozer on death row!
A couple of local builders are believed to have submitted bids, so the future, as a pub, is bleak. 
Back to the cricket, and the ground at the Arbories, home to Padiham Cricket Club, looked immaculate. A most picturesque setting, as I made tracks to the club bar.
 Now I have to say I am partial to an odd fine lager in the sunshine, and the club has Peroni on at £2.50 a pint. It was a 'no brainer' really. It went down a treat.It's always in good nick. 
Peroni! I hear you say. But this is a real ale blog! And this is where I come to another little contentious subject. Some real ale drinkers seem to swerve away from quality lagers. 'No, it has to be real ale' is the cry! I am sure you have heard it said. I can never understand why some alienate these superb tasting beers, like a Budvar for example. Or a classic Belgian beer. And of course the lovely Italian tipple, that is Peroni. 
It is always a bit of a prickly subject down the boozer with some of the CAMRA members. However, one has to respect a persons taste.
Mind you, saying that, the cricket club had some fine bottled real ales. I plumped for the Thwaites Lancaster Bomber. A cracking beer. And a bloody bargain at two quid a bottle! Happy days.
I have to say in conclusion, I did not watch too much of the cricket.You see so many friendly faces. The banter, atmosphere at the club and the chat is always brilliant. Oh, and of course the Peroni on tap, at two quid fifty a pint. Luvly jubly :-)