Saturday, 11 August 2012


OK, we see it all the time don't we? Glancing at a superb, listed building, in a state of disrepair. Looking tired, trying desperately, as in this example, to keep going as a profitable boozer.
One such magnificent building, is the Station Hotel in Nelson, Lancashire. I suppose as far as boozers go in the town, it's a bit like Custer's last stand! Or perhaps, last man standing.
You see, Nelson, not too long ago had some thriving boozers. Sadly, it is now a real ale desert, in the extreme!
Pubs fell by the wayside in this East Lancashire town, and the centre was left with a couple of, let's say, colourful boozers, to put it politely!
The Station Hotel, across from the town's modern bus station was one that had survived. Not too long ago, it was a thriving Wetherspoons pub. However, they flogged it, as popularity declined. 
Alas, it soon became a downmarket 'watering hole', selling bog standard keg, at knock down prices.
To be honest, I and many others thought the pub was a 'lame duck'. A dead boozer surviving, so to speak. Relying on a regular clientele, who liked an early day alcohol fix!   
However, the boozer closed, and in stepped Amber Taverns, investing quite 'a wedge', in refurbishing the place.
I visited on it's first full day. It is a superb looking, listed building. Externally impressive, and it also looked impressive internally too. Old fashioned decor, spacious surroundings, and three cask ales now installed. All beers were from local brewer, Moorhouse's.
I plumped for the tried and tested 'Blond Witch', at a bargain £1.85 a pint. Have to say the first was a little cold, and impaired the usual fruity flavour. However, the second 'hit the spot'. An excellent quaff.
The pub was well populated. Not bad for a mid Friday afternoon. Angie, the manager was a 'happy bunny', on a break, after a hectic stint behind the pumps! She was quite excited about the start to the 'New Station Hotel'.
Amber Taverns, have obviously seen potential in this historical boozer. They have splashed the cash, and  I am sure it has got off to a more than positive start. Thus giving the owners hope for their outlay and investment. Let's just hope, Nelson, has once more, a decent town centre, real ale boozer.