Wednesday, 15 August 2012


As you know, those of you who read my last blog, I gave credit to Amber Taverns for investing in a boozer, that was basically, on its arse, and destined to become another notch on the pub closure statistics.
I have to say though, I am a little disappointed in what has gone on since I reported on the reopening.
Firstly, why does the boozer open at nine am in the morning? They don't serve food, thus they are still 'hell bent' on attracting poor custom, in my opinion.
They have shelled out quite 'a wedge' and surely you would think they would have tried a new policy. A 'suck it and see' as they say!
Correct me if I am wrong, but come on, if you open at 9am and you are a NON food establishment, what message does that send out to the type of decent punter you want to attract?    
I am no 'beer snob', far from it. However, I cannot get my head round a company who has done a great job refurbishing a superb, historical boozer, only to attract the same clientele, that dragged the pub down on its arse in the first place!
Cask ales are on at £1.85, so let's be quite blunt, Amber Taverns aint making much at that price, are they? 
I admire their pricing policy at the outset, to try and attract new custom. But to open at 9am! You will obviously get a alcohol reliant clientele in your boozer, who are going to be 'worse for wear' come the time your 'new, anticipated clientele' are going to start walking into your swanky, new, refurbished 'watering hole'!
Just my opinion. But for Gods sake, you are just harping back to pre reinvestment days. A pub, still full of alcohol reliant patrons! Sounds harsh, but the majority of down to earth, real ale drinkers, I am sure, will agree with my assessment.  
In conclusion, I have to say I am a little confused with your vision of a successful pub. However, I wish the Station Hotel success, and that my projected views of this historical boozer, are proved unfounded.