Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I recently posted a blog about the Station Hotel in Nelson, and having a bit of a moan about the type of custom it may attract, if it continued to open at 9am.
Basically, Amber Taverns had spent quite a wad of cash, doing a fine job in refurbishing a boozer, that had 'gone down the pan', in recent times. It really looked well, and my hopes were that more real ale drinkers would patronise this fine, historical pub.
 However, I had reported, that I was a little miffed and disappointed that they still opened at nine am, did not do any food, thus surely attracting, mostly the same type of  custom that dragged it down in the first place. And therefore be back to square one, pronto!
I then got a very valid point put my way, that made me look at early opening, from a different perspective. I am always happy to learn more about the industry and felt obliged to explain this to you all.
It came from the landlord of the Boat Inn, Ashleworth, in Gloucester. He kindly pointed out to me the policy that Amber Taverns operate, in running their boozers. The pubs are run by managers who take a percentage of their turnover, typically 20%, as their salary. So basically, the more they make, the more they get paid. Similar to a tenancy, but without the risks, so to speak! 
Of course, the manager is required to pay all the staffing costs. However, Amber Taverns pay all the other bills.  
So the more hours they open, the more money they are likely to make. And I now understood, why they still wanted to open at 9am.
The landlord at the Boat Inn did understand my reasoning, outlined in my blog. And why I thought it may slip back to pre refurbishing days. And I am sure those of you who read the blog, thought so too. However, the managing policy of Amber Taverns, once explained to me, did put a different angle on what I had said at the outset, and I felt it necessary to explain the situation to you. 
Always happy to put the record straight. :-)