Tuesday, 7 August 2012


We are enjoying a wonderful Olympics, I am sure you will agree. Gold,silver and bronze, here,there and everywhere! 
However, a danger lurks around the corner for our traditional boozer. Well, any bloody boozer, for that matter.
What you on about? I hear you say. ''We are enjoying Olympic success, whilst having a pint in the local boozer. Luvly jubly''! Err, not necessarily my friendly revellers.
You see there are do's and don'ts during the Olympics, down the boozer. The London Olympic Committee have seen fit to issue a few rules.
Don't you dare put any Olympic symbols, or logo's up in the pub. We, the Olympic movement, own em! And, of course we all respect the 'squeaky clean' movement, don't we folks? They must be obeyed. The 'Brand Police' are mingling among us! Don't even trust 'the pub mutt'! 
At no time must you promote the screening of the games. Oh no, you publicans, the 2012 'Brand Police' are around every corner.
You cannot even make reference to the Olympics in adverts. No, it will detract attention away from the main sponsors. You have been warned, we have trained eyes focused on YOU! 
No London Organising Committee Olympic Games posters, if the boozer is part of a pub chain, or franchise. Oh no, you will get done! Remember, that unfamiliar geezer in the corner, is watching you.
Oh, and under NO circumstances can you say you are a 'London 2012' pub viewing venue. Or, wait for it....'A SUPPORTER of the games'! Pathetic in the extreme.You would think they would relax that area of the promotion. You grubby bunch. Hang your heads in shame!
Finally, this benevolent crew(NOT) insist that there should be no pictures of athletes, or teams in advertising, unless permission has been given by the athletes, or teams involved! And, they are of course, relevant to the promotion.

Who are these 'faceless bureaucrats' who make these decisions? Where is their secret sanctuary? 
Dare I say, the crinkle of the brown envelope is deafening, behind the committee room doors!