Saturday, 15 September 2012


I have just returned from a few days in Brittany, and I want to tell you a story!
It concerns an experience that somewhat surprised me. And it gave me an opportunity to redress a certain balance, with a world famous stout.
A few months ago I posted a blog about my view on Guinness. I was simply honest, forthright and straight to the point. Basically, I find it a bland tipple. Well marketed, but vastly over rated.
That said, and back to my story. We had visited a discount store in Pontivy, in central Brittany. Noz was the name. A store that has plenty of tat, cheap items etc. But plenty of bargains, if you take time to sift through all that is on offer.
It sells all sorts of stuff, and always has a beer and wine section. On our last visit there, we bought twenty half litre bottles of German wheat beer for ELEVEN euros! I kid you not.Good stuff too. :-)
On this recent jolly jaunt to NOZ, I noticed they had Guinness Foreign Extra, for just one euro, twenty cents(A quid). And it was a 650ml bottle! And a whopping 7.5%.Bloody hell, I rubbed my eyes and thought, will have to try some of that. Even though I am not a fan of the original, over hyped, black stuff, from across the Irish Sea, there are times in life, when you are more than happy to give a product, credit where it's due. And this time Guinness more than delivered.
The Foreign Extra Stout is one delicious quaff. It smells like Guinness. And the aroma you feel has summat to prove! It's smooth and gives you a warm feeling inside. The 7.5 ABV, not surprisingly has a deep,dark,malty flavour. And has a nice, long, dry aftertaste.
 I reckon fans of a fine porter/stout, will love it. It reminded me of a Thwaites Old Dan. Or, indeed a Robinson's Old Tom. Well, perhaps not in the same league as those two. But you get the picture.
So, in conclusion Arthur, it's a pleasure to redress the balance, with your Foreign Extra Stout. Unlike your more famous black brew, this quaff is in a different league! 
And so does end, this particular story.