Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I recently came across an advert, that to be quite honest, had me salivating a little!
It was in relation to a celebration of Cumberland beer and sausage, in Broughton-in-Furness,South Lakes, on the 5-7 October.  
Now I am no food expert, or indeed, an authority on beer.However, it did raise the question, what food does compliment a fine beer?
This beer and sausage pairing, is a perfect marriage for sure. I recently had sausage, mash and gravy, washed down with an Acorn Brewery 'Old Moor Porter', at Bar Tat in Ilkley,West Yorkshire. A perfect combo.
Another 'marriage' has to be a pie and a pint. I think, any pie probably compliments, any beer! We are simply blessed with so many excellent pie makers and fine brewers, here up north. The combinations for beer 'n' pie are endless. Skipton, in North Yorkshire, for me is a 'pie 'n' beer capital', with plenty of fine, real ale boozers and pie establishments.
D&M in Skipton.Pies are brill. 
 A pie from butchers, Drake & Macefield, on Otley Street, followed by a couple of beers in the nearby Narrow Boat, or Woolly Sheep. Yes indeedy! My god, taste buds are running riot.  
Woolly Sheep in Skipton
I know some drinkers who like cheese with their beer. A golden, zingy type ale, with a mature cheddar, for example. Not for me though, I prefer cheese, with a crisp, oak aged cider.
One thing I know that is becoming more available, is bottled beer choice in restaurants. So may be a porter, or an old ale with a steak. As opposed to a Claret or Bergerac. 
Do the blonde, light, golden beers compliment some fish dishes? They certainly go well with cold, salad type meals.
I reckon some of you have noticed more people having beer now, as opposed to wine, in the local pubs and bars. You will definately witness this, in Leeds and Manchester.
So what's your favourite food 'n' booze pairing? Perhaps you will make a comment after you have read the blog. For me, it's always the bangers and porter. Or a pie and a pint, that springs to mind....luvly jubly. :-)
P.S Apologies to anyone who may have salivated a little, reading this blog!