Friday, 21 September 2012


Short measures will always be a prickly subject! 
I have recently had a few requests to express my views on short measured pints. It's always a contentious issue. However, on this particular subject, I have to say at the outset, I tend to be on the side of the publican.
Now I am sure that will surprise some of you, as you say ''How can you defend someone giving you a short measure?''Well, let me try and explain.
The first thing I have to say, is we are talking about an amount of 5%. OK, some boozers have been found to be 10% short, as in St Helens recently, when Trading Standards did a swoop on a few pubs. And yeah, 10% is out of order.
So let's say you are getting 5% less. No problem, I say, as you ask for a top up. Although, in some cases this creates a problem for the publican.
For example, what if the landlord has been instructed by the brewery to serve punters less than a pint. In order to increase profits.
This appears to be the policy of Sam Smith's brewery in Yorkshire. They have many outlets in the north, and seem to demand publicans to sell their customers short.
One of their landlords quit recently, after he claimed he had been instructed to use the short measure tactic(5%), in order to get more pints from each barrel! 
He had only reached 1.5%, as he was topping up to a full pint, when requested. He was promptly sent a letter demanding that he reached the 5% target. He deemed it impossible and resigned.
Oh, and the pub in Manchester, The Windmill in Carrington, was making over £4000 quid a week for Sam Smith's!
In fact, Sam Smith's are so hard faced and grumpy, they even display signs in their boozers, stating, only 95% of a pint will be served. What a bloody nerve!
I am also sad to report, another couple employed by Sam Smith's, were suspended and threatened with the sack for topping up their customers pints. My God, owner, millionaire Humphrey Smith, hang your head in shame.
So, you can perhaps appreciate, landlords do not do this deliberately, in most cases.Yes, I hear you say, that four out of five pints are supposedly, short measured. Well, I hope I have explained one or two of the reasons why that statistic has been attained.
And anyway, there are some of you who will gladly sacrafice 5%, for a more frothy,creamy head. 
Pubs have it tough in the present economic climate. Although, I am sure some of you will think I am a little soft in the head. I just felt it necessary to explain a few things, in order that you may understand the short measure situation from another angle. Hope that is the case...... :-)