Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We have witnessed of late, events that have been a great success. The Olympics and Paralympics are two that are still fresh in the mind.
Another event to perhaps celebrate is Cask Ale Week, from 28th September to the 7th October. Organised by Cask Marque, and supported by CAMRA.
Now, I can think of a few reasons why we should be supporting this. Some will say the main reason is to encourage the non real ale drinkers, down at the local, to try real ale for the first time. And I would go along with that.
Maybe it's a case of encouraging some to try a wider variety of real beer. I know many who tend to stick to just one or two. That's fine. However, I also know some who used to drink one or two, who know sup lots of varying strengths and tastes! So surely the incentive is there on that particular theme.
So, what's happening to encourage this then? Well, the 'Try before you buy' is being operated in many boozers. Greene King for example are running events in their 300 pubs.
Punch Taverns are also getting in on the act too. They are doing a free pint promotion. And CAMRA members can download the voucher at www.freedrinkspubs.co.uk and can be used in their 900 pubs. Perhaps you can give it to a non real ale drinking pal, in an attempt to entice him/her into the delights of cask conditioned beer!
Wetherspoons, will no doubt be partaking in the event. Mind you, Wethers' actively encourage some of these incentives, all year round, and has to be commended for that policy.
However, I have saved the best, in my opinion, until last, on the encourage a friend theme, to drink real beer!  
Blast from the past!Half pint dimpled glasses. 
Thwaites, the East Lancs based brewer, are doing a ''3 Thirds for me and 3 Thirds free for you'', combining the ''Try before you buy'' theme with ''Introduce a friend'' activity. Now that's what I call encouragement! Wonder how many will pretend they have never supped real ale. Oh, how cynical of me. Out of order Briggsy!
It will simply be, buy a paddle of three thirds of your choice(Thwaites have been banging out some fine seasonal ales of late) and get the t'other paddle of 3 thirds, FREE! Thus, introducing a non real ale buddy to the delights of cask ale. 
Well done to the Blackburn based brewer, for this excellent promotion.
So, it all kicks off on Friday the 28th. Much to celebrate, many folk to encourage. And much to drink, during the ten day period! :-)