Sunday, 14 October 2012


I recently came across an interesting piece of news , that had been posted in the Morning Advertiser. It was in relation to unfair levels of business rates being paid by pubs.

Basically, the subject had been raised by Steve Wilson of the Kings Head in Wells, Somerset.Steve was urging fellow licensees to rally together and pressure their M.P's for a fairer system.Steve's rates currently amounted to £1250 a month!

One publican, Gareth Kavenagh of the Lass O'Gowrie in Manchester, who had won the GB Pub Awards 'Pub of the year', even said ''It was worse than beer duty!''.

So, I would like to throw this subject open to you and ask for your comments on the subject.I have to say some boozers pay whacking rates in comparison to other businesses.

Rates are based or assessed on what is known as 'Fair maintainable trade'. This is calculated on: the type of pub premises, area the boozer is in and what services it offers. Such as food and sports screenings. Rent and turnover are also in the calculations.

Now, in my opinion I can see some anomalies here, as turnover can go up and down for a start.So if a pub is struggling, does it get revalued. Or does it get a refund?

This is why I would like your feedback, as the two landlords who have raised this, seem to have a valid gripe.

Going back a few years, pubs rates used to be valued on the amount of beer they sold. This seemed a fairer and more simplified system, don't you think? It would solve the problem of fluctuations in trade.

I am no authority on this subject. I just wanted to highlight the subject, as I thought Steve and Gareth had raised valid points. And I reckon they know what they are talking about.

Hope you can respond to this issue. Landlords and people in the trade, in particular. And if you thought the post informative and interesting, you may want to subscribe and follow my blog. :-)