Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is a blog, I feel I am obliged to post. This coming weekend is one that is quite special for me and my local football club. It is the visit by a group of very special football supporters from Glossop, in North Derbyshire. 
So what's special about that? Well, this group are quite a unique band, who follow their team, Glossop North End, come rain,hail or shine, to all parts of Northern England.
Their away day will start at a local boozer in Glossop, before alighting their 'Hoolivan'. A name they give to the vehicle that ships them around.
More beer will be consumed on the bus and they will arrive in time for a pint before the game.
You will hear them singing as the 'Hoolivan' approaches the ground. Off they will get, much merriment and chat, as they head for the bar!
Lots of banter and chat will follow with us. Me especially, as they love to give me plenty of friendly abuse!
It's always a great atmosphere when Glossop NE are in town.Warm, friendly,boisterous. And they love their team and a few(a lot of) beers.It's a truly unique occasion. Nothing remotely like it exists, when other fans visit. And that is in no way being disrespectful to other away supporters.
The bar will be noisy, as the beers are consumed. And the singing will get louder! However, always well behaved. We just love their visit and company. Especially, the club bar manager!   
Typical Glossop fan!(Not Dave)
They will sing all through the game, and will be even noisier post match, as the beer flows once more.
We have loads of banter and piss taking. They are special supporters, and I have made lots of friends.
Dave is one such friend. He is typical of the Glossop 'Barmy Army'. Always glad to see you. A handshake and a hug. He will give you some friendly grief and will insist on buying you a beer.He even paid me a beer on, last visit. As I had not supped up! And this so typifies the group as a whole.
Aye, Glossop North End Supporters on tour! You are indeed unique and special. Briggsy and Padiham Football Club look forward to your friendly appearance, and boozy welcome on Saturday. :-) 

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