Monday, 1 October 2012


I am usually a little loathe to raise the prickly subject of customer service in the pub industry. Or indeed, enter in to an argument about it.
Everybody is different. Differing views and varying opinion.You get impatient folk, who cant wait.And they will always moan! Then there are people who are too nice, and never complain. Even if it's justified. And of course, there's the downright rude specimens, who are disrespectful to staff.
 However, most folk for me, are polite, friendly, courteous and patient. And that's both sides of the bar!  
I suppose I am the type who is a little reluctant to complain. For example, if it's obvious the pub is busy and short staffed. You dont mind waiting. And you defend bar staff, if people are slagging em off, just because they have had too wait more than two minutes!
However, I did have cause to comment on some sub standard beer recently. And I felt obliged to tell you my experience of the customer service I received.
I had simply tweeted...'' I have just drunk a sub standard pint of Allgates beer in a local pub. Which has disappointed me, as they brew excellent beer''. 
The morning after, I got a reply from the owner, expressing his concern, and wanting me to expand on my experience.
Yes, the owner of the Wigan brewer! How nice and courteous on a Sunday morning to reply, saying how sorry he was, and wanting to know which beer? And, what was wrong with it? 
Obviously someone passionate about his product, and wanting to provide, excellent customer service.
The minor problem was quickly resolved, and left me feeling very satisfied that 'the gaffer' had taken the trouble to contact me and quickly resolve the issue. 
Aye customer service. Some moan and some praise. In my experience, not usually a problem. And it certainly appears at Allgates Brewery, customer service is of the highest quality.....:-)

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