Tuesday, 23 October 2012


As we all know, the 100,000 signatures was reached recently on the beer duty escalator e-petition, to force a debate in parliament. Only the 12th petition to reach this milesstone.

Well, the day has come for two stalwarts of the campaign to present the case, to scrap this unfair tax, to the Backbench Business Committee.A duty that has been bumped up by 42%, since it's introduction in 2008!

MP's, Andrew Griffiths and Greg Mulholland have worked hard in getting this debate underway. However, the big question is, what will the debate achieve?

Some might argue, if the government complies with a freeze on the duty, will the pubco's and big brewers sneak a few pence on the price of a pint. Thus, having no real effect on the situation.

I am of the opinion that we will struggle to get this escalator scrapped. The government simply dont seem to understand how the industry operates. They keep bashing the industry with these tax hikes. And are forcing more pubs to close, and hardworking tenants and staff to lose their livelihoods. Surely, the tax revenue that is lost with these pub closures, far outweighs the revenue that is collected from the duty escalator! The sums do not seem to add up, do they?

Tenants might argue that it's more important to freeze  the annual rent increase imposed by the pubco's and large brewers! Typically, around 4%. Err, that is a fair argument one thinks.

So, the process is underway today, within the walls of parliament. Hopefully, Messrs. Mulholland and Griffiths can get the debate on this unfair escalator to commence, as early as next week. Let's hope so.