Friday, 5 October 2012


Welcome to the Town Hall. Or should it be 'The Clown Hall!!'.Roll up, roll up, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the main event! The latest round of 'Let's all bash our local boozers and clubs.' We are intent on a quick bout. A further restriction on opening hours, should be enough to force a stranglehold. And have the licensees pleading for submission. Their lifeblood will surely be sucked away?
In the red or maybe the blue corner, we will have the EMRO. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the Early Morning Restriction Orders will come into force at the end of October. And we, the local council will be able to issue one in a pub or club near you, from April 2013.
We will restrict, if we see fit, the sale of alcohol in certain areas, for any period of time. On YOUR licensed premises. Restriction being, from midnight until 6am.

Knee Jerk Reaction Committee!
Hang on! Haven't we been down this road before. 'Knee Jerk Road', I think I once called it.
It will be a political reaction of course, by the red/blue/whatever colour corner. A reaction in the extreme.
You politicians, councillors(some), just do not get it. You lot are outdated and out of touch.Why these EMRO's? 
You still think the local main street in town is getting worse. It's not! Get into 2012 and visit a few boozers in town, around midnight. It's you lot that represent the constituents. Just get out there and you will change your view and perception on local pubs and clubs.
The problem, if any at night, is usually outside the 'shots bars' and clubs that neck booze till gone 5pm! The kind of establishment that never sells real ale.
Why is it always 'bash the local boozer' that may open until one or 2am?

Well, in the opposite corner, ladies and gentlemen, we have the challenger to these bloody EMRO's. And I reckon it will be a good contest.

Challenge stands up M'Lud?
Ok let's say come April, the council issues one of these orders. Are the licensees going to challenge them? Too right they are. I can see many doing so in the High Court.
For example, honourable concillors, you have a boozer that stays open till 1am. Never has any bother and is included in your designated area. What will be your evidence to the court, in support of a restriction order? The EMRO's will be open to challenge. And WILL be challenged in my opinion.
Am no legal expert, but let's see, eh.
 Do you think I have a valid point, all you dedicated, hard working publicans out there?

So no submission for me in the opposite corner. I reckon the red/blue/call it want you want corner is going to get a bloody nose, as it crashes to the canvass. Eight..a  nine...a  TENNNNA and out! Thus ends the contest Ladies and Gentlemen. Have a safe journey home!....:-)       
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