Tuesday, 9 October 2012


There are times in life when a certain subject warrants a 'wow factor'. I suppose you hear it exaggerated at times. However, this is certainly not one of them!

The subject in question, is the Three B's Brewery at Tockholes, on the outskirts of Blackburn. They brew exceptional beer and some of 'em certainly deserve that 'wow factor' rating!

The brewery itself was formed by Bob Bell. Bob had been brewing beer in his garage for many years, and had developed a reputation of being quite good at it.  

In 2001, after unfortunately being made redundant, he decided to set up his own microbrewery. And the Three B's success story had commenced.
Only the finest ingredients mind. Definately no additives!

His brewery on a small industrial unit, started by producing just two barrels a week. His first beers were named to reflect the areas textile heritage. Ales such as 'Bobbins Bitter', 'Tacklers Tipple' and 'Shuttle Ale' were rolled out.

However, demand was increasing, as Bob's beers were quickly becoming more and more popular. He felt a need to expand and had seen a boarded up pub on the market.
Former Thwaites pub.Now the ThreeB's tap!
The Black Bull, on the outskirts of Blackburn, had the potential for his expansion plans. And after much work and help from the local community, Bob reopened the boozer over the Easter period of 2011. With his 3 B's microbrewery, up and running, at the rear of the pub. It now brews at FIVE times the capacity. On a twice weekly basis.

They brew exceptional beer. I always get a little excited when their brews are on the bar. They have a superb range. The full monty, you might say. Blondes, dark beers, milds, pale ales and porters.
Blonde Bee was a favourite, not quite a wow rating. However, their Doff Cocker had the wow factor for me. A superb quaff. It was my favourite, until I tried the 'Knocker Up' Porter.

 Bloody hell, it's right up there with the best porters I have ever tasted. And I have tasted a few! A smooth, sweet, fruity flavour, as the roast comes through at the end. A superb robust beer at 4.8%. A 'wow factor' indeed. It was in fantastic nick recently at the Wetherspoon's, Boot Inn, situated in Burnley town centre.   
You no doubt have your own 'wow factor' beers. Well, there are a couple of mine from the excellent Three B's brewery. Especially, their 'Knocker Up' Porter. It's a knock(er) out tipple. A 'wow rating' indeed!

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