Thursday, 25 October 2012


We all love a damn good pint of beer. One that just slides down, full of flavour and with a nice long aftertaste.

There are lots of great beers nowadays, the choice is endless. You walk into a boozer and four, five , six real ales are quite commonly available. 

They will be beers to suit all palates. Light, fruity beers. Strong IPA style ales. Porters, stouts and, oh yes, a typical tasty bitter!

Me & Stewart @award winning Ilkley Brewery 
Real ale is really bucking the economic trend, as we see lots of fine microbreweries cropping up and giving the larger brewers something to think about. As they make claim to a share of the beer consumption market.

It made me think, what a great job the smaller brewers are doing in giving us drinkers, such a wide  choice of quality beers.
New Inn Clitheroe offers seven cask ales

I wanted to highlight these quality ales  and the boozers that you will find them in. Well run pubs serving fine real ales would be the call.

 Quite simply, good beer in good pubs deserves promoting. And I want to tell you all about them.

So, I decided to set up a page on facebook and call it Beerfinder General. A page where I would highlight excellent, well conditioned beer and relay the information to you. 

Well run boozers with fine beers will also be given a mention. We all love a great pub offering us real ale choice. And again, I want to tell you about 'em!
A great Yorkshire pub.The Fleece Inn,Otley

Feel free to inform me of the latest fine beers you have identified. And where you have supped 'em. Or indeed, Landlords may want to inform me of their latest cask ales. I will be glad to put the recommendations on the page.
I hope you will have a peek at my Beerfinder General page. We have some superb pubs, serving up delicious beers.

It's already had a favourable reaction and I have had some nice comments about the information I have provided.

You can access the page by clicking on the Beerfinder General tab on the toolbar, at the top of the page.

Hope you will give it a 'like' on facebook :-)