Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Is there this type in your pub?
Haven't done a 'tongue in cheek' post for a while. One where I am perhaps going to be a little cynical, opinionated and state one or two things that may raise a titter.

It was prompted by a recent visit to the local Wetherspoons. And made me realise how many different types of customer frequent these establishments, here up north. 
Some fine characters drink here!

The pub in question here, was the Boot Inn, situated in Burnley town centre. It's a well run, clean boozer, with a fine selection of cask ales. Staff always polite and patient. And Robin, the manager, runs a tight ship. He always has time for a quick natter, despite his busy schedule. A good geezer. Who has a good pub.

So back to the main theme of this post. The many different types of punter that strolls in, whilst you are having a pint. One which perhaps describe you!

Just avin half. It's a strong 'un!
Well, there's the old geezers at the bar, who glance and nod and say,''Hey lad, they have just put a strong 'un on. That 'Old Thumper's, a good 'un''. This type always obsessed with the strength and not always the quality.However, nearly always a friendly type and you give 'em a sympathetic ear.

Enter the impatient one. They will wait one minute, then start moaning. ''Not enough staff! Alway's same here. Look there's only two on!''. Why cant some folk not wait two minutes, when staff are really busy?

Is there a grumpy old geezer type? Face like a torn clog. Looking like they are chewing a wasp. Perhaps there is. I must admit I have had a sighting of this rare breed, in one or two boozers! 

Of course there will be the 'know it all'. Likes to hold court. Raised voice at the bar. And a head as big as a space hopper! They usually know nowt, usually recommending a beer, just because its 6.5%! And have been supping since half nine!

Then there's the unsavoury type. Never says please or thank you for good service. And usually farts as they walk away from the bar! Thankfully, a rare specimen.

In fact the types above are in the minority, one thinks. A more common patron is the friendly, polite person at the bar. Will always share a kind word and will rarely be critical, just wanting to spread some happiness.

How's it going boss?
Another popular punter, is the happy,talkative type.Always says hello to everyone on entering. Polite to the bar staff and keen to exchange some pleasantries. Loves to chat about a range of subjects. And if critical of owt, it will always be fair and well founded. Well, almost!   

You will come across the quiet, reserved type. They are a friendly, nice person. However, sometimes they are too nice. And if they have been given a short measured pint, they will rarely ask for it to be topped up. They just want a quiet life. I am sure you all know one or two. You may fall into this bracket!

So what type are you Briggsy? Well, I am a friendly geezer. Good sense of humour. You need it in my local(see picture!). A little opinionated. Speak my mind. Polite and well mannered of course. However, I can bang on a bit. Some say I am a bit bonkers at times ! Quite talkative I suppose. In fact it's a cert. I am very chatty. But it's usually in the best interests of the subject being discussed. Usually!

Aye, the pub punter. Usually a fine, friendly geezer. Sometimes though, not so fine. A cross section that leaves you with plenty to discuss, down the local boozer.  

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