Wednesday, 31 October 2012


OK, I have mentioned this unfair tax in a previous blog. However, it is finally being debated in parliament on the 1st November. And thankfully, three hours have been set aside to discuss the matter. 

The likes of Greg Mulholland and Andrew Griffiths will be championing the cause. Two MP's that have done sterling work in getting this matter debated. And both so passionate about real ale.

However, there is one good reason in particular why I think this beer duty should be jettisoned. And it is this....In the March budget, when another 5% was added to the duty, the government stated that it would raise £92 million. What the blinkered decision makers obviously did not realise, was that this relatively paltry amount would be more than offset by the amount of revenue lost through job losses and other local taxes(business rates, VAT receipts, etc,etc). The maths to me were quite simple. They were no better off by imposing this barmy beer duty escalator in the first place!

Just wanted to put my 'four pennies worth' in on this subject. I am sure you will agree with my reasoning in the last paragraph. And I urge MP's across all parties, to get behind this debate and make the 'decision makers' come to their senses!( I know some of you do read the blog).

OK, off the soapbox! Let's hope all the hard work fighting this unjust tax, all comes to fruition....... :-)