Thursday, 22 November 2012


I was a little loathe to ascend to the 'soap box' once more. However, there is a so called organisation/group called 'Alcohol Concern', that has really wound me up!

Let me commence by saying this group, in my opinion, are a bunch of patronising, out of touch 'do gooders'! This is the group that pretends to take the moral high ground by stating that the alcohol industry is behaving irresponsibly. And of course they are 'banging the drum' for Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs from 19-25 November. Ho,ho,ho! 

OK, we have a problem with alcohol. However, this lot try to make out it is a lot worse than it actually is. For example, doing surveys to highlight alcohol problems, by going to Newcastle. This city, as they know, has one of the worst problems for heavy drinking. So how can any findings be nationally representative?

 What a bunch of amateurs ! Why not Manchester, London, Norwich, Colchester, Cardiff and Aberdeen for example. How dare they try and dupe the nation. That's no way to do research. ONE City! How many were interviewed? Incompetence in the extreme. Hang your heads in shame.

But what has got me really wound up, is they are now asking us to stop drinking for a month in January! I kid you not! They come up with stupid comments like '' Lose a few pounds'' and ''Save a few quid''. Even more patronising, is they say ''No hangovers''. Hang on, we responsible beer drinkers rarely have hangovers, because we drink responsibly!

How about the totally pathetic bleat, ''Say NO to a tipple or two''. You cheeky sods! What is wrong with a tipple or two? You just dont get it do you. You are going down totally the wrong avenue to promote alcohol awareness. I bet you lot have been down a few cul de sac's in your time!

Arguably, the comment that made me most angry was, ''Avoid that 'cheeky' after work pint''. I bet that has got you angry too. What is wrong with a pint after a hard days work. A cheeky pint? What is cheeky about having a pint? Who the hell are you to say that. Who are you? Where can I find you? To put you right on a few things, face to face.

You can see why I am angry after reading those ill conceived comments. Alcohol Concern, I am sure do some good work in raising alcohol awareness. However, who the bloody hell came up with the idea of abstaining from having a drink for 31 days.
 Having a drink is part of our culture. It's a social thing. Relieves the pains and stresses of daily life. A friendly chat in the pub after work even! Abstaining for 31 days? You are deluded. Get down from your moral, pontificating, patronising high ground and get into the real world.  

Hell, you need a drink after listening to what you lot are suggesting! 

What are your views on these comments, made by Alcohol Concern? Perhaps you will agree with my views . If so, tell me. I will be pleased to hear from you. :-)