Monday, 12 November 2012


Now can I just say at the outset, this post is 'tongue in cheek'. It is not to be taken too seriously.

The subject is beer tasting and how they are described. It can be such a complex one.. To be honest, I have read some tasting notes on some beers and think, is the geezer who has tasted this, a bit bonkers!

I do know a fair bit about how a beer tastes. However, I am far from being an expert. I like to keep it simple when I review or describe a beer. One that is easily understood. A zesty, light, refreshing beer for example. I feel that tells you what you want to know. So what's all this orange peel, tangerine and pears drops speel. I am amazed you can separate the orange from the tangerine. Why not a zesty, refreshing, citrus flavour.

Another one is, plums and damsons! How can you possibly separate those two fruits, supping a beer? Or  another one that confused me was the Jack Frost Blond, at the Winter Ales Festival. Laced with a mix of vodka, orange zest and coriander they said. Vodka! Nah, just a fruity, clean, zesty quaff for me.

I have come across some strange descriptions. Expresso coffee. Why not coffee? How about, molasses and coffee. Or, maybe Mango, lychee and grapefruit. Lychee! One wonders how you can taste lychee over two such strong flavoured fruits as mango and grapefruit. Especially the sharp, zesty grapefruit!

What does a glimmer of maple syrup mean? Perhaps I would say a slightly sweet, malty taste. Think that would suffice, eh. Or do you think I am not being descriptive enough? In most cases, does it really matter.

One chap once said to me, ''This beer tastes of Seville oranges''. Err, is that oranges then, a nice citrus flavour. You do understand why I am perhaps being a little cynical here. Just feel it should be in simple, down to earth terminology.

Perhaps I need to go on a course! But hey, I know about my malts, hops, roasts, fruits, full bodies, zests, coppers, coffees, citrus flavours, rich, deep, bitter, nutty even, beers. Aye, perhaps you think I am a bit nutty!

However, these are easily understood words, in the last paragraph. And I am sure you will agree they adequately describe taste. Not your burnt caramel( sweet, malty and roasty for me). Or, a 'copper to mid hue'! What? Mid hue, to describe beer! You will be saying ' a waff ' instead of aroma or smell next! 

Aye, we have all, I am sure, been a little miffed or confused at some of these, let's say, quirky,odd descriptions. However, I am sure you have also raised a titter or two reading the post. Hope so. It's just a little 'off the wall' stuff, not to be taken too seriously.

In conclusion, a tasty beer I recently came across was called 'Multitude Taster'. It was kind of a mid hue to copper, with marzipan and herbal hoppiness. Had a hint of a vodka essence on the palate, with cognac and Bells whisky overtones. A pleasant waff of Aldi rich roast coffee. And it left you with a long lasting complex aftertaste of lychee, fresh grass clippings, pear drops and dolly mixtures. Mmmmm, it's a winner!

Well, perhaps I imagined the contents of that last paragraph!