Friday, 30 November 2012


Now I know JD Wetherspoon has both detractors and its supporters. It kind of has a ' marmite taste' about it. You either like or loathe it, I suppose! 

However, one thing that has prompted me to post this blog, is an interview I witnessed a few days ago on Sky News. It was with the 'big fella',  Tim Martin, founder of JD Wetherspoon plc.

He was there giving his opinion on the recent minimum pricing That was being introduced by the government. What a lot of sense he talks. Defending and talking up the UK beer and pub industry.Stating how the big supermarkets had such an unfair advantage over our boozers. Highlighting their unfair pricing policy and only having to 'fork out' a small percentage in tax. Far less than what is required by UK pubs.

 He hoped the increase at the supermarkets would get more people back in our pubs. And thanked a renowned liver surgeon, also being interviewed, for stating that pubs offer a comforting and safe, secure environment, than opposed to a trek to the supermarket, to stock up on strong cider and cheap vodka. Which would only result in future, long term health issues!  

What I also admire and thank Tim Randall Martin for, is that his company were 'banging the drum' for real ale in the late seventies, when keg beer was trying its damned best to make cask conditioned beer unfashionable. The company is now the largest supporter of microbreweries in the UK. A part of the brewing sector that continues to flourish in a tough economic climate.

Do you remember Wetherspoons in the late nineties, introducing the over-sized glasses, in order to promote the full pint. Unfortunately, it did not last long, as supposedly a combination of punters continuing to ask for top-ups and other pub chains not following 'Spoons' lead! You do have to admire their type of ideology though.

 You have to admit, us real ale drinkers have a lot to thank Tim  Martin for. Just think, we could still be drinking Worthington 'Pee', Double 'Diremond', Bass 'Spew'TEN and Watney's Red(roll out the)Barrel! Thank God those 'barrels' carried on rolling. INTO OBLIVION :-)