Monday, 26 November 2012


It's a while since I told you a story! Unfortunately, this one is true, and felt I had to share it with your good selves .

So here starteth my ramble...... I had a most deflating experience at the weekend. A bad pint! OK, so what? We have all had a bad pint at some time. But believe me this was one BAD pint!

Problem here though, was that it had happened at this boozer, on my last visit! Fortunately, it is not a pub I regularly frequent. And I am loathe to name it, as I like to promote pubs and their beer....usually!

That said, it really pissed me off that a pub could be run in this manner. The pint I had should have been chucked days ago. I felt sorry for the brewer, who would not have had a clue that his/her beer, is not being kept properly. And being served up in this manner!

What amazed me even more was that they did NOT turn the clip round! That was bang out of order, as there are people who might not take bad beer back. And end up with Sunday morning gut rot!

I was quite gobsmacked when the beer remained on sale. However, I was not entering into an argument and I returned to my mates with a pint of keg! As they only had one cask on. And the keg was average. But beggars cannot be choosers!

On the previous visit, I had not complained. Just left half of it, and mentioned on twitter, that I had been disappointed with the pint in this pub. I was simply reluctant to slag 'em off and like most of you, I am sure, be quite prepared to return at some time and give them another chance

However, the owner of the brewery follows me on twitter, he had read the tweet and had contacted me by 8.30 am the next day! He was most concerned that I had drunk a sub standard pint. 

The customer service I received from the brewery owner was superb. What a good geezer, and a credit to his profession. I suppose he was just thankful that someone had told him that his beer was being sold, served up, and kept in this way. The brewery in question had an excellent reputation for brewing consistently good beer.

Unfortunately, as you now know, the second visit was far worse. It pained me to raise this, but just had to get it off my chest. It's bang out of order that this has happened. That a pub is flogging beer in this condition. They must know! And I think it only fair that the brewer is made aware of it. Their reputation is at stake!

I am sure anyone who is passionate about cask conditioned beer, like me, would have reacted in the same way. In fact my mates said I am a soft arse and should have told the landlord to his face, that he was bang out of order, for knowingly flogging shite ale!   

So endeth this sorry story. This tale of woe! Just summat I wanted to share with you. An experience most of you have come across to a lesser degree, I am sure. God forbid if you have experienced a worse or similar encounter

If you have, you may want to share it with me. Comments, response and feedback gleefully appreciated and accepted.... :-)                


  1. Hey RealAle UpNorth,

    As always I love reading your reviews the they do make people think. If I was served a bad pint I always bring it back because my thinking is I have worked long and very hard for it and 9 times out of ten the costumer Is always right.

    I had the same problem in a pub in Windsor and the bar man thought it was ok to keep selling this beer. I watched as a middle aged man asked for a pint of this ale and the bar man started pouring. I went up and intervened and told the man and bar man the cask was either off or near the end.

    The bar man asked me to sit down or I would be asked to leave. So I asked to speak to the manager and straight away he pulled the pump clip off and pulled the bar man to the side.

    The interesting thing being the bar man had a name badge on saying he was a manager in training.

    After supping a few more pints I left but returned later to make sure the cask was off and it was.

    Usually the beer is in good nick here and it hasn't stopped me from returning. The little bar man in training was probably thinking about profit margin and not costumer service.


  2. Cheers for your response Kev. I was gobsmacked that he would be prepared to keep selling it. You feel sorry for the brewery. I said it was sour, so he will have known the alcohol was turning to vinegar! And it should have been chucked. Going to find out who owns the pub, as chances are they will not be aware of it!Well, I bloody hope not pal!

  3. You need to name the pub just in case I have the misfortune to go there myself.

  4. Mark you are to much of a gent. Name and shame I say. The brewery will have other watering holes to sample their ales. No excuse for poor cust service.

  5. I agree; name and shame. I don't want to waste money going there. I would also like to know who the brewer is who is keeping the side up. I'd be more than happy to spent my hard-earned cash on his product.