Thursday, 8 November 2012


Lots of beer drunk at the Peel Park! 
I thought it was high time that I reviewed a pub. As I had not done one for some time. A pub with some history maybe. And of course some fine beer!

I had heard lots of good reports about the Peel Park Hotel in Accrington. Many had even said it was the best boozer in town! So one had to decend upon this much talked about pub.  

The pub overlooked the famous old ground
The Peel Park is tucked away from the main road, that leads into the town centre. It's situated behind, where the old Accrington Stanley ground, Peel Park was. Hence the name, the Peel Park. Pictures of the ground and the Stanley team adorn the walls of this popular pub.

The pub was derelict and boarded up ten years ago. Thankfully, Dave and Sue Johnson stepped in and bought the abandoned building. They then proceeded to turn the Peel Park in to the excellent real ale pub it is today.

Me and my mate Chris got a warm welcome from Dave Jnr. son of the owner, and he was soon pulling a pint of Prospect 'Hopper'. It was in good nick and went down a treat.

The pub has at least six ever changing ales on tap. The Cross Bay 'Sunset' was our favourite and seemed the popular choice with the regulars. Regulars, who were friendly, and eager to tell you what good beer was available, in this homely, well run boozer.

I had a brief chat with Sue, the owner. She explained it had been hard work in getting the pub to the high standards and good reputation it now had. Su had a busy schedule too. As she prepared for a Macmillan charity event, in the pub that evening.

Dave Jnr. pulling a pint at the Peel Park 
It kind of summed up the pub. Passionate about doing good for the local community. Wanting to provide a nice, welcoming place, where people can come and enjoy good beer, good company, and relax in warm, cosy surroundings.     

The Peel Park is quite simply a gem of a pub. It ticks all the boxes in my opinion. There are only a few pubs, I feel you can say that about. 

Aye, Sue and Dave have a lovely, friendly boozer, serving a range of delicious beers. I would thoroughly recommend you give them a visit, if you are in the area. I think you will be most impressed, if you do indeed, find time to visit their pub.