Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I would most appreciate some views and opinions on a quite unpleasant experience I had recently, on a visit to a local hostelry!

It is not a pub I regularly frequent, and the opportunity only arose when I had 'to kill' half an hour, waiting for a bus. 

It all began in a very positive manner. Friendly old chap at the bar, telling me what good value the cask ales were. Friendly young lady then served me and politely informed me that one of the three casks was about to go. Thus enabling me to plump for one of the other two.

Duly served, I left the bar area for somewhere a little more comfy and quiet. The 'old boy' had said:''Enjoy ya pint lad''. As I plonked myself down with the local newspapers, a decent distance away from the bar.

Unfortunately, there endeth the positives of my visit. Apart from a very enjoyable pint for under two quid!

And this is where I need your input. It concerns a loud, foul mouthed nerd at the bar. He seemed to have appeared from nowhere. He had started mouthing off to his mate and was f---ing this and f---ing that, every other  word! It was cringe worthy and disgusting in the extreme.

Now I am no prude and have been known to use my fair share of industrial language. But there is a time and place for it, I am sure you will agree. This foul mouthed specimen was bellowing and spewing out the expletives at a public bar, as a young lady was serving customers!

I was about ten yards away and it sounded bad enough from where I was sitting. Unrelenting bile. I was surprised it was allowed to continue. It really did put a dampener on my visit.

Ironically, the landlady had put a swear box behind the bar when she had taken over a few months ago! Although, I must point out that I did not see her on my visit. Perhaps 'Effin Jeffin' geezer was taking advantage of 'the gaffer' not being in residence!

Finally, can I point out that it was not really a moan or a gripe. More of an observation. And I just wanted to share my unsavoury moment with you all, because I would simply be interested to hear if you have had a similar experience and what had been done about it, if anything.  

Await developments so to speak, with you all.