Monday, 3 December 2012


Well, here we go again, another example of a barmy government decision being made recently. This time over the minimum pricing policy on alcohol.

Yes, I have mentioned it before. However, I think it's bang out of order when an MP has the bollocks for wanting to air his views on this minimum pricing subject, and then he is gagged by the Home Secretary, Theresa May!    

The Mail on Sunday had revealed that the Minister for alcohol and crime, Lib.Dem. Jeremy Browne, was of the opinion that the 45p minimum pricing policy was wrong, unfair and would not work.

 Ok, what is wrong with that view?

Friends of the member for Taunton Deane had also commented that Browne had disputed claims that minimum pricing was certain to cut binge drinking. Or reduce the number of fights. And that it would be the responsible drinkers that would be hit in the pocket. 

Again, fair comment by the honourable member for Taunton Deane.

So why the bloody hell does Home Secretary, Theresa May see fit to gag Browne from publicly airing his views? Nothing too controversial here, one thinks. But no, poor Jezza is gagged and dumped in to the sidings, and instead they 'roll out' Tory police minister, Damien Green

He bleats, ''The pricing policy  would stop city centres  being turned into a 'vision of hell'. What planet is he on? My God, save us all from visions of hell, everywhere! Frazer from Dads Army, would have said.''We're all doomed! DOOMED!''

What bollocks! Where is this 'vision of hell' anyway? This weekly carnage and bloodbath in our towns and cities. I have not witnessed it. Have you? And do you really think people getting pissed are suddenly going to limit themselves because of minimum pricing, anyway? Oooo, I have had eight cans, better not make it nine! 

Browne had the bollocks to express an opinion!
Jeremy Browne had also mentioned that minimum pricing would discriminate against the poor. Too right it will! Someone on a restricted income would now have to 'stump up' around 70p more for their bottle of plonk. But of course the middle class drinkers will be fine, as there will be no increase on their bottle of  ten quid Chablis. And if there was, they could afford it anyway!

Vision of hell, eh Minister Green! Please keep me posted on your 'visionary expertise'. I am sure everyone will be keen to avoid falling into the abyss! Beware folks, your 'vision of hell' could be in a town or city near you. 

As Private Frazer would have said, in that wonderful Scottish accent.''We are all doomed Mr Mainwaring. (Or should that be Mr Green). All doomed!''