Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thanks to you all for viewing my blog in 2012.

View from t'other side of bar at Bridge Bier Huis!
I felt it appropriate that I should express my thanks to all of you, who have viewed my blog posts in 2012.

I commenced my ramblings in mid February of this year. And it was purely my intention to spread the real ale gospel. As it was a subject I felt very passionate about. 

I am no expert, or authority on beer. Far from it! However, I do know a little, having supped the stuff for over thirty-five years! 

I just wanted to share my experiences on the real ale roller coaster with you. Thankfully, many of you have come along for the ride.

Over a thousand views a week presently. It's really heartening that so many of you share my passion for a good pint. A real pint. A proper pint!

I have had many constructive comments from you in 2012. And have certainly been educated on one or two matters. Responses have always been positive and kind. Well, an odd one has not agreed with my views on occasion. And that is perfectly fine and understandable, as I am quite opinionated and do speak my mind!     

I hope you will continue to follow my blog postings in 2013. I enjoy expressing my thoughts on the world of real ale, immensely. Hopefully, I will squeeze in another posting before the new year celebrations.

See you in 2013. And have a great Christmas, sampling all the wonderful festive beers...... I am sure you all will!     

Briggsy :-)