Thursday, 31 January 2013

BREAKING: Guinness not up to the blindfold test!

So, it maybe kind of official, that Guinness fails miserably, when faced with a comparison test with a rival stout!

A recent blindfold test carried out by the Oxford School of Hospitality ( No.1 in Europe for hospitality research) revealed that 65% preferred the Wadworth Brewery 'Corvus', when it went 'head to head' with Guinness. 

I suppose with the Corvus being smooth, having a roasted malt body and a subtle bitter aftertaste, it was really no contest..And so it proved!

Compared to the bland, virtually characterless, shallow depth flavour of the 'Black Stuff '(popular opinion) The Wadworth Corvus Stout was always going to prevail, in the blindfolded comparison test..

I am always surprised when visiting the boozer and you witness customers shelling out £3.50-£4 for a Guinness, when they have an option of a couple of porter/stouts for 50p cheaper! Their choice, of course.

So, it will not surprise you to know, that the Wadworth brand is on average, 30p cheaper, compared to its over hyped rival..

Well, knock me down with a feather, holy father!

On a less cynical theme, (yes, you heard that correctly) the likes of Wadworth are now providing competitively priced stout for our pubs. A price that is reflected at the hand pump..

Everyone is happy. The landlord sells more stout and increases his profit margins. And the customer gets a fair priced product. Not the overpriced brands, produced by the heavyweight brewers..

Mind you, I suppose most of you that have read this post, will not be too impressed with Arthur's dark brew, from across the Irish Sea, anyway!