Tuesday, 26 February 2013


It has been a while since I reviewed some beers on the blog, and felt obliged to relay some information, after sampling five ales from Wadworth's 'Beer Kitchen' range.

The new range is an array of full flavoured, hand-crafted beers, brewed in small quantities from their micro brewery, in Devizes,Wiltshire.

I love seeking out these 'special brews' and the five that I sampled, were of exceptional quality.

The first was the Indian Pale Ale. A beer that needs to be served quite chilled.(In the garage or shed at this time of year is ideal) It's made with FOUR different hops. Bramling Cross, Challenger, Target and one of my favourites, the Citra hop.

A robust, zesty, refreshing beer at 6.2%. Very pale in colour, it had a nice malty flavour and a long bitter hopped aftertaste. An ale to be sipped and not supped!.........Respect

Second of the five was the Wheat Beer at 5% volume. Another refreshing quaff. It was arguably my favourite of the quintet. Light and malty rich. Not surprising, as the ingredients included Pilsner Lager malt and malted wheat.

It was bursting with flavour. A touch of coriander and citrus fruit. A smooth, balanced beer, with a lightly spiced aftertaste.(Another one from the chiller)

The Expresso Stout was another delight. Strong, deep coffee flavour. Quite sweet and chocolaty. I also found it quite refreshing for a stout. A smooth coffee aftertaste and one to quietly savour in the armchair!.....5.5%

The fourth in the batch was the Whisky Barrel Aged Premium Bitter. As the name suggests, it had been aged in whisky barrels for two months.You could definately taste a hint of it.

This was a rich, nutty and smokey number. A woody, dark and richly smooth stout. Ideal with a cracker and some mature cheese!

A stout that had a mention of vanilla on the label. However, I could not detect it. Another whopping ABV(for me) at 5.8%.

The final one of this delicious range was 'Orange Peel'.This tipple ran the 'Wheat Beer' pretty close in the preference stakes. Very close! 

A golden ale that was sweet, tangy, refreshing and had quite a noticeable spicy and warming finish. Another robust ale at 6%....A perfectly balanced brew.

In conclusion, I have to state that I would never profess to being most proficient in the beer tasting stakes. 

However, I hope I have given you a good idea of what to expect, when hunting down this Wadworth 'Beer Kitchen' range, at your supermarket or specialist beer outlet.  

And so here endeth this review of five exceptional beers.... :-)