Thursday, 21 February 2013

Are we entering into an age of temperance?

Profuse apologies if the headline has alarmed you in any way. It's just that I am beginning to observe a few acts of sobriety of late, in our local hostelries.

Is life becoming a tad more dull, dreary and colourless, as we witness more perrier's than pints?

OK, we no longer witness the hardened lunchtime drinking culture, that was prevalent, especially in the media, some years ago.

 However, I have noticed a marked reduction in the 'Friday pub lunchtime meet up' for example.

It was a ritual, not too long ago, to have a couple of beers at Friday lunchtime. Now, folk seem content having a butty at their desk, or in the staff canteen. In preference to a sarny and a beer down the boozer!

The lunchtime and after work tipple are most certainly on the wane. As various groups and bodies attempt to preach the perils of alcohol, to moderate and responsible drinkers.  

I have criticised Alcohol Concern for spewing out too much puritanical advice in the past. But, it seems their temperance bandwagon may be gathering pace!   

Repent, repent, I say. Don't become a bar saloon bore. Prevent time being called on us boozers. Shunt the mineral water into the sidings!

Social meetings and functions, I fear, may become booze free zones in the future.

Save us Lord, from an age of temperance!