Saturday, 16 February 2013

BLACKPOOL: Is this the end of nightlife as we know it?

I posted a blog some weeks ago about the introduction of the Early Morning Restriction Orders(EMROs) and  how it was grossly unfair on the well run pubs that were likely to suffer in a certain area or street.

Basically, the orders enable the local Licensing Authority the power to close pubs and clubs between the hours of midnight and 6am. And can apply to a specific area, or even a single street. 

Therefore, such an order is going to penalise trouble free pubs, simply because they are close to a boozer or club that is not so well run!

That said, it is intended this month for the EMROs to be applied for in Blackpool. The authority having proposed a 3am restriction on when alcohol can be sold.

There has been outrage by local pubs and club's, saying that it will spell the end for late night venues. That it will be the end of nightlife in the resort. 

One publican commenting: "We will be the laughing stock of England". 

Well, let me say in this particular instance, I totally agree with the EMROs. And I will give you the reasons why.

Blackpool, in my opinion, is a family orientated resort. And don't you think 3am is late enough for such an environment?

The resort has seen a massive increase in violent crime between the hours of 11pm and 8am. No doubt putting a drain on the emergency services. 

It's driving people away from the resort early, as they know the pub environment changes dramatically after nine o'clock. 

The town is going down the pan, as a result of early morning, alcohol fueled drunks, causing mayhem, pain and misery.

In my opinion, the 'Las Vegas of the North' lost its character and fun image yonks ago. The EMROs just might go some way to saving the town from slowly sinking into the abyss of depravity and squalor.

Aye, I used to love a day and a good night out in Blackpool. Now, I am afraid I would not descend upon the resort, even if I was a seagull!