Sunday, 10 February 2013

BREAKING: We have all been drinking from an oversized receptacle!

Yes, it's official, we have all been getting more value than we realised !

None other than the Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Dame Sally Davies, has stated, that we are drinking 40% more alcohol than we thought!

Crikey! Must admit I have never noticed I had been supping almost a pint and a half, as opposed to a pint!

She added: ''Many drinkers are fooling themselves over how much alcohol they consume''. Hang on, 40% more than we thought seems a good deal, Dame Sally!

The figure had been revealed by the Department of Health, from a survey on alcohol consumption.

What's even more startling, is that the survey revealed that keeping a diary can reduce your consumption by a third! Thus, saving you £33 a week!

What! Thirty three quid! And we are also drinking 40% more than we thought. Remarkable findings, indeed.

On a less satirical note. Once again we witness patronising, pontificating, nonsensical blurting, from so called respected and qualified officers and medical professionals.

How insulting of the Chief Medical Officer to suggest we are all fools, and she compounded the issue by advising us that we can cut down on alcohol, by drinking in smaller glasses!    

The alcohol education charity, Drinkaware (funded by you, the taxpayer) was just as bad with their patronising, inbalanced commentary. Spokeswoman, Siobhan McCann saying: ''It's very concerning to see a rise in deaths from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis among the under 65's.

''Most people know that liver disease is linked to alcohol''.(patronising in the extreme)

That maybe so. However, it was never mentioned that obesity is now just as bad, if not worse for people ending up with the perils of liver disease!

In conclusion, it's really frustrating , all this pontificating, skewed opinion by the anti-alcohol lobby. It's just an unrelenting, misguided bombardment on ordinary, responsible drinkers.

As a result of this onslaught, I make no apologies for the sarcastic and satirical theme at the outset of this blog. :-)